Why Study abroad in High School?

Studying abroad while in high school is one of the most effective ways to bolster your educational background and resume for when you apply to college. In addition to this, it also grows your practical life skills and independence before venturing out into the world as an adult. Our programs are designed with these things in mind; giving our students the opportunity to gain a valuable, rigorous, and life changing academic experience that will glow brightly on their college essays and applications, and to allow them to put some miles on their soul, and to experience the world in greater detail as a student abroad. All of this is done by giving our students the opportunity to explore their host country independently, but with the structure and supervision provided by our compassionate and highly skilled staff. Studying abroad in high school is truly one of the best, and most rewarding, experiences any student can engage in before heading off to college.

Who we are

World Class Programs is an independently owned and operated study abroad organization that specializes in study abroad experiences for high school aged students around the globe. We are founded on the principles of quality, safety, and excellence. As a result of these values, we are continuously dedicated to providing the best learning environment possible for our students while abroad. World Class Programs has been traveling and educating students abroad since 2016, and our dedicated team of teachers and staff have been involved in the field of education for the past two decades! All of our staff and faculty at World Class Programs specialize in creating customized summer learning experiences for our students based around the student's personal plans, goals, skills, and preferences.

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