Frequently asked questions

Q: What will a typical day be like?
A: In brief, our weekday morning classes will begin at 9am and run until noon. In the afternoons you will attend either your elective class or choose from cultural and recreation activities. During evenings you will have many options to choose from: excursions to local sites and museums, concerts and performances, the beach, water sports or other athletics, shopping, outdoor cafés and restaurants, occasional dance parties, and others. For more specific information on each summer program please refer to the web page of the program you are interested in.


Q: Will I have free time? Can I spend time in smaller groups?
A: In addition to planned activities with the World Class Programs group, students will have free time each day to pursue personal interests, spend time with friends and explore the host community in groups of 2 or more. This will usually consist of around 2-4 hours of free time each day. We strive to maintain a perfect balance between structured activities and free time. While we give our students this privilege, we expect them to adhere to World Class Programs' summer program rules and safety guidelines, especially the policies on alcohol and curfew, and to uphold our standards of responsibility, maturity, and respect.


Q: What about the weekends?
A: In most programs, the students go on regional day trips and excursions. Day trips are a fun, but mandatory part of the program for all students. No student may elect to stay behind in the residence while the rest of the students enjoy the day trip and its planned activities. For specific information on each summer program and its weekend excursions, please refer to the web page of the program you are interested in.


Q: Is there a curfew?
A: The curfew varies by program and by the day of the week. A typical weekday curfew is 11 pm whereas a weekend curfew may be 12:00am. This curfew does not necessarily reflect the time spent out exploring, but rather the official “lights out and check-in” time established at the residence. It is worth noting that countries in Europe often observe different traditional dinner times than in the U.S.A. as well as other cultural norms that may require the curfews to extend. Please be advised that World Class Programs reserves the right to change the curfew times at its discretion as deemed necessary for safety, activity, and organizational purposes. Face-to-face visual curfew check-ins are done on a nightly basis with no exceptions.

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