Experience Osaka, Japan this summer!

Relax in the grace and charm of the orient this summer on an adventure of a lifetime! You will delight in delicious food, fantastic art, amazing architecture, the list goes on and on. The beauty of Osaka is unmatched throughout Japan, and has captivated the hearts and minds of people for centuries! Japan holds a unique blend of “Old” and “New” styles, both artistically and culturally, from the early feudal era to modern day! This and much more await your exploration this summer. Of course, we will show you all the famous tourist attractions around Osaka, such as the Namba shopping district and the famous Osaka Samurai Castle, but you will also be free (within our safety guidelines) to enjoy the city’s famous café scene and shopping districts with your good friends in tow. This free time is balanced well against your time spent in class. Exploring Osaka with friends will be a nice reprieve from your academic coursework!  Apply today to join us for a summer in Osaka, a city of tradition, culture and art.

You will live in upscale, comfortable student apartments, in the very center of the city. You’ll be just a short walk from the Namba shopping district, the Osaka Castle, and the heart and soul of Osaka! Our apartments are rented and controlled by World Class Programs and you will only live with other World Class students. The apartments have living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and 2-3 bedrooms. Each bedroom is shared by two students with staff members housed in a separate apartment down the hall.

Every student on the program will choose two classes as their academic focus while living in Japan: a major and an elective. Major classes meet every morning, Monday through Friday, while electives meet three afternoons a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Electives and Workshops: Japanese language, Fine Art & Drawing, Philosophy, Photography, Japanese History, Manga Creation, Japanese Cuisine.
In addition to showing you all the most celebrated and “lesser known” cultural sites in Osaka, the program allows you to explore cities throughout Japan each week. From the bustle of Tokyo, to the quiet cultural capital of Kyoto, you and your new friends will be able to explore some of the legendary sites that make Japan one of the most visited and unique countries in the world.


  • Live in upscale, spacious student apartments in the thriving center of Osaka
  • Enjoy fresh authentic food prepared by our culinary staff and local chefs
  • Learn in a fun, interactive way, outside of the classroom (through our Experiential Learning Method!)
  • Be a savvy, sophisticated traveler; go above and beyond the standard tourist checklist
  • Meet local Japanese youth and make friends from all over the world
  • Included trips to Tokyo, Kyoto, Kobe, Nagoya, Hiroshima, and more
  • All-inclusive 2 or 3 week session

Student Favorites

  • Admiring the legendary archaeological finds and rich Japanese history at the Kyoto National Museum
  • A day spent dressing up in traditional clothing in Kyoto
  • Visiting the various Japanese cities and experiencing all of Japan
  • Taking the time to sketch the Osaka Castle in our Fine Art class
  • Touring the Imperial palace in Kyoto
  • Iron Chef culinary competition at our residence judged by the staff
  • Our “Night Photography” adventure activity
  • Manga creation workshop with Japanese manga artists
  • Shopping with friends in Namba
  • Playing video games in a local arcade as part of our Japanese classes
  • Eating delicious sushi from an all-you-can-eat sushi go-round restaurant