Join Us in Florence, Italy

Benvenuto in Italia! What better location to study abroad and experience the world outside your home than the birthplace of Western Culture? If you're interested in history, architecture, art, culture, and adventures, Florence is the perfect destination to put on your summer calendar. Our high school summer program in Florence is the educational adventure you have been looking for. There are historical and cultural treasures around every corner in Florence. There are few other European cities that can rival Florence as a “city of eternal learning.” Come join us this summer and experience this enchanting city for yourself!

Students live with other World Class Programs students in apartments or hotels within walking distance from the city's most famous landmarks! “Homestays” are not a part of our programs because all of our trips are designed to give students a “pre-college” dorm life experience. Studying abroad with World Class Programs isn't about 'visiting' Italy but living and experienceing Italy like a real Italian! Apartments are fully equipped with kitchens, washing machines, and air conditioning. Our staff members are housed in a separate accomodation in the same building. If a program is large enough, it will have a dedicated World Class Programs Security Officer staying in the building, who will be on-call to the needs of the students 24/7.

Every student on the program chooses two classes as their academic focus in Florence: a major focus and an minor focus. Major classes meet every morning, Monday through Friday, while minor classes meet three afternoons a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When students aren't in minor classes, they're participating in an afternoon activity with their fellow students.

Electives and Workshops

Fine Art & Drawing Philosophy Photography Fashion Design Italian language Tuscan Cuisine Art History & Architecture

Fine Art & Drawing

Introduces basic drawing, and painting skills, as well as continues advanced techniques based on student skill level. This course emphasizes direct observation. A variety of museum tours are included so the student can engage in studio drawing, critical evaluation of aesthetics, critique sessions and side lectures based on our Experiential Learning Method.


Join us as we explore the intellectual giants of the Greek golden age of philosophy, covering broad philosophical questions which have resounded throughout time, and influenced many Italian writers and philosophers of the renaissance. Through this necessary grounding, our students will begin to explore philosophical dilemmas posed in works of Dante, Machiavelli, and many other Italian artists of the time.


Introduces and expands on the exploration of digital camera function, digital image editing software and digital printing technology. This course will emphasize student's development of individual artistic voice while engaging with technological, aesthetic, and conceptual issues in their work while abroad. Students are required to supply their own Digital SLR camera for this course.

Italian Language

Introduces basic language skills. Development of listening comprehension, reading, speaking, and writing skills to become proficient at the appropriate level. Italian culture will be learned through guided speaking with natives that are introduced to develop cultural understanding and sensitivity. This class will have an emphasis on interpersonal communication with native Italian speakers throughout the trip to fully immerse students into the language.

Tuscan Cuisine

In this hands-on class, our instructor will show you how to transform seasonal ingredients into a scrumptious Italian dinner. We’ll walk you through the steps for making everything from a hearty Tuscan soup to homemade vinaigrette. Students will visit local Italian markets like Mercato Centrale to learn how to buy fresh and cook even fresher.

Art History & Architecture

Introduces students to the rich and diverse art venues throughout Italy, various museum display practices, and the complicated politics of exhibiting cultures. Explores the visual arts of a wide range of peoples, cultures, styles, movements, and media, as well as the various cultural, religious, economic, and political factors related to their creation. Major works of painting, sculpture, architecture, and decorative arts from prehistory to the present will be studied with a focus on the Renaissance Art that Florence is known for.

Fashion Design

supplemental class
This class is a workshop and will be taught based on availability while on the trip. Note: This does not count as a World Class Programs Major or Minor class.

Every weekend, students will go on day trips around Italy to explore the differences in culture from city to city! You'll see beautiful and breathtaking landmarks all around Tuscany. Day trips are some of our students' favorite activities on our Italy program! While day trip locations vary by year, students on our programs have visited Cinque Terre, Siena, San Gimigniano, Pisa, and Venice!

Student Favorites

  • "We weren't just tourists in Florence- we actaully lived there for two weeks!"
  • "The instructors were great! I felt both supervised and at ease."
  • "I made amazing friends who I grew so close to in such a sort amount of time!"
  • "I greatly improved in all aspects of my artistic abilities while also having a relaxing, pleasant time doing so."
  • "The beach in Cinque Terre was my absolute favorite day trip!"
  • "They tricked me into learning! I had so much fun that I didn't even realize it!"
  • "The food is so fresh and delicious! You can't even compare it!"

Typical Class and Daily Activities

  • Night-photography throughout the city with our photography instructor.
  • Climbing the Duomo and seeing all of Florence.
  • Admiring the legendary Renaissance masterpieces at the Uffizi, Galleria de la Academia and countless other Florentine museums
  • Traveling throughout Italy each weekend on “mini-adventures” to other Italian cities
  • Sketching Michelangelo’s “David” as part of the art class taught by our faculty
  • Rooftop lunch in the heart of Florence
  • Studying and discussing philosophy in the Piazza del Duomo while enjoying Gelato