Dive into Dublin, Ireland this summer!

Immerse yourself in the comforting embrace of the “Emerald Isle” this summer on an adventure of a lifetime! You and your fellow students will marvel at the traditional and historic sites, revel each bite of delicious food, and delight in the fantastic art and amazing architecture of Ireland. The beauty of Ireland is unique and stunning in equal measure, and has captivated the hearts and minds of people for centuries! The Emerald Isle holds a unique blend of “Old” and “New” styles, both artistically and culturally, from the earliest ancient settlements to the modern day! This and much more await your exploration this summer. Of course, we will show you all the famous tourist attractions around Dublin, such as the Temple Bar neighborhood district, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and the famous Dublin Castle. You will also be free (within our safety guidelines) to enjoy the city’s famous café scene and shopping districts with your good friends in tow. This free time is balanced well against your time spent in class. Exploring Dublin (and the rest of Ireland!) with friends will be a nice reprieve from your academic coursework! Apply today to join us for a summer in Éire, a land of fun, tradition, culture and music.

You will live in upscale, comfortable student apartments, in the very center of the city. You’ll be just a short walk from the Temple Bar neighborhood, the Dublin Castle, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and St. Stevens’ Green! Our apartments are rented and controlled by World Class Programs and you will only live with other World Class students. In general, the apartments have living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and 2-3 bedrooms. Each bedroom is shared by two to three students. Staff members are housed in a separate apartment down the hall. Each program will also have a dedicated World Class Programs Security Officer staying in the building, who will be on-call to the needs of the students 24/7.

Every student on the program will choose two classes as their academic focus while living in Ireland: a major and an elective. Major classes meet every morning, Monday through Friday, while electives meet three afternoons a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All classes can be chosen as either a Major or a Minor.

Electives and Workshops

Gaelic Culture & Language Fine Art & Drawing Philosophy Photography Irish Cuisine Irish Music & Dance Art History & Architecture

Gaelic Culture & Language

Introduces basic language skills and a deeper understanding of Irish culture. Development of listening comprehension, reading, speaking, and writing skills to become knowledgeable of one of the oldest languages and cultures in the world. Irish culture will be learned through guided speaking with Irish people that are introduced to develop cultural understanding and sensitivity. This class will have an emphasis on interpersonal communication with native Irish people throughout the trip to fully immerse students into the culture.

Fine Art & Drawing

Introduces basic drawing, and painting skills, as well as continues advanced techniques based on student skill level. This course emphasizes direct observation. A variety of museum tours are included so the student can engage in studio drawing, critical evaluation of aesthetics, critique sessions and side lectures based on our Experiential Learning Method.


Join us as we explore the writings and teachings of famous Gaelic philosophers, covering broad philosophical questions which have resounded throughout time, and influenced many writers and philosophers around the world. Through this necessary grounding, our students will begin to explore philosophical dilemmas posed in works of Berkeley, Toland, and many other Irish philosophers.


Introduces and expands on the exploration of digital camera function, digital image editing software and digital printing technology. This course will emphasize student's development of individual artistic voice while engaging with technological, aesthetic, and conceptual issues in their work while abroad. Students are required to supply their own Digital SLR camera for this course.

Irish Cuisine

In this hands-on class, our instructor will show you how to transform seasonal ingredients into a scrumptious Irish dinner. We’ll walk you through the steps for making everything from a hearty Shepherd’s Pie to homemade potato stew. Students will visit local Irish markets to learn how to buy fresh and cook even fresher.

Irish Music & Dance

Students will be taken on a trip through the centuries of Irish music! Ireland is home to some of the most lively and emotional music in history. With a rich culture in music, naturally Irish Dance developed and thrived in this country. Students will be able to try Irish dancing for themselves and study its evolution.

Art History & Architecture

Ireland is well known for its castles and beautiful medieval and ancient architecture. This course will delve into the history of these structures and the artistry and vision needed to create them. Students will explore the grounds of some of the most ancient and incredible structures in the world and be given a first hand look into their design and building processes.

In addition to showing you all the most celebrated and “lesser known” cultural sites in Dublin, the program allows you to explore cities throughout Ireland each week. From the bustle of the port Cork (Cobh) to the quiet peace of the Cliffs of Moher, and from the charm of Galway to the views of “Lucky” Limerick, you and your new friends will be able to explore some of the legendary places that make Ireland one of the most beautiful and unique countries in the world.


  • Explore Dublin not just as a tourist
  • Walk the Giant's Causeway and take in the awe inspiring scenery
  • Spend a night in an authentic Irish castle
  • Explore breathtaking historical landmarks
  • Make lifelong friends to share this experience with
  • Included trips to Limerick, Galway, Cork, Cliffs of Moher, Waterford, and more
  • Be inspired by the music scene in Ireland

Student Favorites

  • Admiring the legendary design, architecture and rich history at St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • A day spent “Music Hopping” to the various different venues where local music is played
  • Visiting the various locations outside of the host city and experiencing all of the Emerald Isle
  • Taking the time to draw and paint the scenery in our Fine Art class
  • Touring the “Kilmainham Gaol” ancient prison
  • Eating delicious Irish comfort food from a traditional Irish pub restaurant
  • Our “Night Photography” adventure activity
  • Shopping with friends in Dublin
  • Playing some Gaelic Football or cricket with locals
  • Philosophy symposiums held in a local pub (without any alcohol of course)